POS-based graphchain for self-driving cars mobile

When hungry, eat your rice; when tired, close your eyes; When ICO, buy tokens

they never heard about us

but we heard about them

GanttPRO - personal task management software

personal task management software for construction projects

Create your project timeline with powerfull online gantt chart software GanttPRO


Nice faces from photostock. Nice description from Wikipedia

Minnie Kim

CEO (chief executive officer)

Responsible for the overall vision and direction of an organization, making the final decisions over all of the corporation's operations.

Katie Ford

CSO (chief security officer)

Responsible for security, including physical security, network security, and many other kinds.

Alan Cook

CSO (chief strategy officer)

Responsible for strategy, usually business strategy, including strategic planning and strategic management.

Callie Ryan

CRO (chief revenue officer)

Responsible for measuring and maximizing revenue.

Jennie Powell

CAO (chief academic officer)

Responsible for academic administration at universitiesand other higher education institutions.

Ray Green

CISO (chief information security officer)

Responsible for information security.

Our Advisors

Again the same photostck, but with another names and experieance

Tyler Morris

PhD in blockchain

International Business Machines Corp.

Larry Knight

PhD in internet of things

Caterpillar Inc.

Raymond Ingram

PhD in Ethereum

SouthTrust Corp.

Nellie Warren

Multitallented specialist in blockchain

Reliant Energy Inc.

Lizzie Daniel

PhD in internet of things

BB&T Corporation

Derrick Long

PhD in solidity

Comcast Corp.


they never featured us. They will definitely ignore us in the future. We just love their logos


  •  The idea of POS-based graphchain for self-driving cars.
    Learning how to reach money out of ICO.
    Creating my business-plan in a Gantt chart tool.
  • We made the logo .
    It took us less then a year
  • 1st prototype of the website.
    Learning how to write html.
    Learning how to write css.
    Learning how to combine html and css.
    Learning javascript to make animations on ICO website
  • Domain DigitalFox.ai selected
    Still leaarning how to combine css and js.
  • We found a team photos on free fotostock.
    ICO Website launch.
    Showing the site to my mom.
    Approved by my mom

  • Preparing a white paper
    Learning how to export it from word to pdf
    Launch ICO Presale.
    Ignoring the school for a few days.
  • Payable vacation.
    I am rich
    Fuck off school
  • Still payable vacation.
    Lock stock and girls
  • Launching a new ICO.

Token distribution

We offer ERC20 tokens with a simplified scheme provided below


Bullshit and Philosophy.

One pager

For lasy dudes

White paper

For smart dudes

Yellow paper

For technican dudes

Token distribution

For high-level PhD

We hate SCAM and just want to highlight
this problem with a bit of fun.

We appreciate your ether donations to 0x977a4989123e21Bfd6cEC79cCBa9EecDd7F6bF32

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